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Lance Weinberg:  About

Picture of Lance Weinberg taking a picture with a blurred orange, green, and white background

I have had an avid interest in photography since the Boy Scouts, including dark room work in high school. It has always been a great pleasure to see my perception of a scene or object become a brilliant Kodachrome or print, conveying a similar beauty and feeling as the original scene. Of course, as we all know, this usually takes a hundred other shots before we get "the One." Still, the pleasure of crafting the image with the tools at hand, drawn from the infinite ways one could perceive what is in front of you, is an artist's passion. And it's fun.​


This is how I approach photography. It is first a joining with the scene before me, feeling what it is that creates an emotional response, then deciding how to capture that in a two dimensional medium. What angle, what focal length, what light, what to put in or leave out? I love the merging of artistic seeing/sense of presence with the technical tools of photography.  Photography is about light, artistic perception, and knowing how to use your tools.


​I currently use Olympus gear, process in Adobe Photoshop, and print for now on a 24" Canon printer. We'll see how things change over the next five or ten years. I plan to expand my current work into street photography/portraiture. I hope you enjoy the few images I have presented here.  Comments always welcome.​


Lance Weinberg

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